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YouBamboo Socks

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YouBamboo Socks

Bamboo fibres seem to be made for socks: super-soft and breathable are qualities everyone would want for their socks! The anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking properties of bamboo will help keep your feet feeling fresh and toasty.

Our YouBamboo sock pack comes as a 3 pack, with a pair of grey, black and blue in two different sizes. 

Benefits of bamboo clothing, why bamboo clothing is great for you:

  • Thermo Fibre: keeps you warmer than cotton in the winter and cooler in the summer
  • Absorbs Sweat: moisture-wicking properties provide both absorption and ventilation, keeping you up to 4 times drier than cotton
  • Antibacterial: bamboo is naturally antibacterial, helping feel fresh and reducing odours.

Why bamboo clothing is great for our planet:

  • Bamboo requires far less water than cotton to grow
  • This is easily grown without the need for pesticides or fertiliser, making it an eco-friendly choice
  • 100% biodegradable, can be returned to the earth
  • Absorbs carbon dioxide: bamboo takes in CO2 and releases oxygen back into the atmosphere
  • Produces approximately 3000% more yarn per acre than cotton – that’s 30 times more!

More about me:

  • Composition: 77.9% bamboo viscose, 20.2% polyester, 1/9% elastane
  • 3-pack of grey, black and blue
  • We have two sizes, 4-7 or 6-10
  • Size 4-7 is an ankle length
  • Size 6-10 is crew style

Bedding and clothing is excluded from our 30 day money back guarantee unless it is returned unworn, and in its original packaging.


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