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Save over 50% with our Primal package: everything you need to manage your weight

We know that losing weight can present a real challenge – it took Steve years to work out why the pounds weren’t shifting! That’s why we’ve put together this weight loss package for you, containing everything you need to burn fat, lose weight and adopt a Primal Lifestyle. What’s more, you will save over 50% with this Weight Loss Special Offer, compared to purchasing each item separately.

Our tailored weight loss package includes:

1 x Biometric Scales
2 x packs of SlimShotz (2 weeks’ supply)
1 x Seriously Primal book
1 x Primal Cure book
2 x Vitamin C Effervescent tablets
1 x Born To Be Slim Mango
1 x Born To Be Slim Green Tea

Pair the Primal Biometric Scales with the Primal Cure app for fascinating insights into your physical makeup – from your body fat percentage and water weight, to bone density and overall bodyweight. Our scales and app combined allow you to track your progress as you enjoy living life Primally.

Our SlimShotz are made with 100% natural ingredients, with one particular star in the formula… An EU-approved ingredient which contributes towards losing weight: Glucomannan! Extracted from the root of the Konjac plant – at Primal Cure HQ we call it Gluco-K – a natural plant fibre which whilst benefiting our gut also expands in our stomach to make us feel fuller for longer. Taken before a meal, it uses these natural fibres to suppress our appetite and for some people completely removes the desire to eat snacks!

Primal Cure is the result of several years of research, as Steve Bennett finally worked out why he was clinically obese despite running marathons and trekking to the North Pole. This first edition is packed with information about how Primal man lived, how we’ve become so far removed from our ancestors and the steps we can take to live a more Primal life.

We wrote our Seriously Primal booklet specifically for those who want to live Primally in order to achieve weight loss. We’ve included key information about macronutrients, why all CARBS are bad and getting your hormones to work in your favour. There’s also a handy list of strictly Primal foods; combine cooking and eating these with your SlimShotz for maximum fat burning results.

As you would expect, our Vitamin C Effervescent tablets are made with 100% natural ingredients – no sugar, artificial sweeteners or preservatives – boosting your energy levels without sugar or glucose. While other ingredients such as Sodium Bicarbonate and Magnesium aid digestion and support an energy-yielding metabolism.

Seeing as we’re all different, we’ve included 2 different varieties form our Primal Supplements Born To Be Slim weight management range; try each one and see which suits you best. Our Green Tea Formula includes Epigallocatechin Galate, believed to speed up metabolism and suppress hunger, with added Green Coffee Bean extract. The Mango variety includes a selection of celebrated weight loss extracts from 4 corners of the world – with Yerba, Caffeine, Mango, Prickly Pear and Raspberry.

Above all, we want you to enjoy the start of a brand-new lifestyle, filled with delicious foods, paired with the knowledge about how living Primally will be of benefit to your health and wellbeing.


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