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The Big Prescription

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Balancing The Three Principles of Enduring Health

Dr Shan Hussain (GP)

As a practising GP, Dr Shan Hussain started questioning the true necessity most of his patients had for their initial visit, which subsequently lead to the habit of prescribing medicine and pills before truly trying to change lifestyle habits first. Chronic illnesses such as obesity and type 2 diabetes are preventable by rebalancing the 3 key areas of our health: physical, mental and social wellbeing. Despite being a doctor himself, Dr Hussain believes that we can become fully responsible for addresses the imbalance in our health, first by understanding the impact such an imbalance can have on our health, and then by adopting small but excruciating differences into our everyday lives. Divided into 6 easy-to-read chapters, this is an excellent introduction into Dr Hussain’s holistic approach to health, and the benefits that can be gained by implementing this lifestyle could be literally life-saving.


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