The Bath & Beauty Hamper

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 Create your own little spa from home with our delightful Bath & Beauty Hamper.

Included in our Bath & Beauty Hamper:

Purchase our Bath & Beauty Hamper for £27.99 and save 52% compared to buying each item indiviually.

Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil can both be used in the kitchen and in the bathroom. These edible butters are both solid at room temperature, but soon turn to liquid when warmed in the palm of your hands. You can apply both or either to your hair and skin, and benefit from the wonderful fatty acids found in each.

If you haven't tried coconut pulling before, give it a go! We've made ours with mint and stevia to help keep your breath fresh. Coconut oil is prized for its high content of lauric acid – a substance sometimes extracted from coconut to develop monolaurin. Monolaurin has effective antimicrobial properties which help fight bacteria, yeasts, viruses and other pathogens. Coconut oil pulling is fast becoming a popular alternative to chemical teeth whitening.

Give your hair an extra boost with our 100% natural hair revitaliser, made with herbal and essential oils known for feeding your hair with fatty acids and vitamin E.

Vaporise the peppermint essential oil, or use to create your own beauty treatments - either way, it's a wonderful refreshing and cleansing oil.

For some true indulgence in your beauty regime, be sure to try out the rose clay mask. Packed with over 95% natural ingredients, our Primal Spa Rose Clay Mask is made with Damask Rose Flower Water, which is suitable for all skin types, and conains anti-bacterial properties, and is a popular choice for combatting the signs of maturing skin.

Finally, use our apricot kernel oil soap in the shower or instead of liquid soap. Our apricot kernel oil variety of our olive oil soap is packed with fatty acids such as oleic acid and linoleic acid which act as emollient for skin as well as strengthening your skin’s barrier function. Vitamin E preserves the lipid layer of your skin while Vitamin C promotes collagen production (the main structural protein found in skin).


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