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Quiet Moments Tea

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Quiet Moments Tea

33% anise, 33% fennel, 33% camomile

Give yourself 10 minutes off. You deserve it. Get your favourite mug, unwrap our Quiet Moments Tea, pop the kettle on, and as it reaches that satisfying whistle or click, savour the glorious sound of the hot water cascading into the mug and swirl the tea leaves to create this relaxing drink.

Three simple, natural ingredients have been selected to create a tea that centres around those precious, quiet moments. From helping your body digest a meal, to preparing yourself for a good night’s sleep, the combination of anise, fennel and camomile will help you feel relaxed, while doing wonders for your health, too.

Anise and Fennel both have a similar taste to liquorice or aniseed – but it’s wonderfully subtle in our tea. The anise used in tea comprises both seeds and leaves. It’s commonly used after eating or at bedtime as it is known to aid digestion. Anise is also a popular choice during detoxing thanks to its immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties. You can sip a cup before or after eating to help with any digestive discomfort.

Fennel has similar health benefits to anise (aiding digestion), as well as being thought to relax your muscles – making it an ideal pre-bedtime drink. Herbal tea fans dose up on fennel tea when they feel a cold coming on, as they believe it has antimicrobial and antiviral agents. There are plenty of online articles celebrating its antioxidant properties too; crucial when you’re feeling run down, as well as being known to fight the signs of aging!

Camomile is one of the most well-known varieties of tea after black tea and green tea. It’s well-known as a bedtime or calming tea, as well as many people enjoying its earthy, sweet taste. This complements the subtle kick of the anise and fennel wonderfully, and also helps curb any sugar cravings you may have after a meal. The calming effects of chamomile tea are down to a specific antioxidant called apigenin, which may decrease anxiety and initiate sleep.

So, go on, give yourself that 10 minutes to de-stress, unwind and enjoy this delicious herbal tea.

Ingredients: 33% anise, 33% fennel, 33% camomile

Allergen advice: allergens are highlighted in bold.

Naturally caffeine-free.

How to serve Primal Izmirian Tea:

Our herbal teas are truly Primal. Just like on the Ilse of Ikaria, no chemicals are used during the extraction and preparation process. No nonsense, just pure natural tea. To bring these wonderful herbs alive, use one bag per person, straight into boiling water and infuse for up to 10 minutes. 1 bag per cup. Best served without milk.

Please note, the individual foil sachets for each tea have been sealed a bit too well for our first batch, so please do take care when removing them. We’d advise opening the sachet fully (not just from the top) and then carefully removing the tea bag before starting your herbal tea delight.


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